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Streamline Your Manufacturing Operations with FLOWRiX:

A Smart and Comprehensive Solution for Blinds, Shutters, Awnings, Curtains, Doors and Windows

Smart Processing for Made to Measure Orders

Smart Processing for Made-to-Measure Orders

Revamp your order processing experience for custom-made products with FLOWRiX. Create product-level workflows to route items to the appropriate manufacturing line. Gain complete oversight and management control over your manufacturing process at every step.

Automate Bill of Materials (BOM)

Easily create a Bill of Material (BOM) with FLOWRiX's user-friendly product builder. Once your build formations are established, FLOWRiX generates a precise Bill of Material for each item without any extra effort on your part.
Automate Bill of Materials

Tailor Your Process Lines to Fit Your Production Needs

This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.Easily set up process lines for various products in minutes with FLOWRiX. Receive real-time updates on workload, projected build times, item- level status, and more.

Paperless Manufacturing with Workshop App

There is no need to print order sheets or input data for manufacturing.; Instead, empower your staff with a fully digital manufacturing system. Enable direct inputs at each manufacturing step to get real-time status updates, track start and end times, identify who did what and more.
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Paperless Manufacturing with Workshop App
Automatically Calculate Build Time and Labour Cost

Automatically Calculate Build Time and Labour Cost

With FLOWRiX, you can easily generate reports to view labour and parts costs. Whether you need high-level or micro-level reports filtered by order, item, staff, or product type, we've got you covered. Get full visibility and control to improve your manufacturing workflows and take your business to the next level.

Employee Performance Reports

FLOWRiX digital manufacturing provides instant access to insights about individual performance, time tracking, and comparisons. FLOWRiX keeps you in control of your manufacturing operations by making data-driven decisions.
Employee Performance Reports
Parts and Components Stock Management

Parts and Components Stock Management

FLOWRiX offers intelligent stock management for parts and components, ensuring the smooth operation of your production lines. You can manage your stock based on orders in the queue and receive real-time alerts and updates for low stock, available items, and inventory at hand. With FLOWRiX, you can also set safe stock levels and receive alerts for stock availability across all locations. Empower your business with FLOWRiX and enjoy a robust manufacturing experience.

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A Digital Commerce Platform for eCommerce and In-Store Sales.

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