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Don’t Risk Losing your Business to Competitors Due to Shipping

Stay ahead of your competition with FLOWRiX's least-cost shipping.
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Expand Beyond Borders By Taking Control of Shipping Cost

Being able to compete on shipping is as important as competing on price. With FLOWRiX's micro-level shipping rules, you can optimise your shipping costs.
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least cost shipping

Least Cost Shipping

Contract with the best provider for each region Route your orders to the closet store, warehouse or 3PL provider
FLOWRiX offers both. With the micro-level shipping rules, you can set multiple shipping providers, and FLOWRiX will automatically use the most suitable carrier for each order. Optimise your shipping expenses and gain a competitive edge with FLOWRiX's least-cost shipping and order routing.

Expand Globally by Competing Locally

Take complete control over your shipping with FLOWRiX's zone-based shipping rules. From broad country zones to narrow postcode areas, you can create multiple shipping zones and set unique shipping types, costs, and providers for each. With FLOWRiX, you can win the shipping race postcode-by-postcode and gain an edge over your competitors.
Delivery zones

Multiple Shipping APIs

FLOWRiX offers a wide range of shipping APIs ready to use. You can easily enable multiple shipping APIs and providers with a few clicks. Automate your shipping process without complexity using FLOWRiX.
Multiple Shipping APIs
multi type shipping

Multiple Shipping Types

Whether you prefer Standard, Express, Next Day, or any other shipping type, FLOWRiX allows you to choose. You customize shipping types for each zone with just a few clicks.

Weight and Volume Based Shipping

It depends on what you sell and who delivers your parcel. But if you need weight or volume based shipping prices, setting it up is easy with FLOWRiX.
Weight and Volume Based Shipping

Fix Cost Shipping

FLOWRiX empowers you to offer fixed-cost shipping. You can make it available to all customers or customers near your business. Setting it up is easy with FLOWRiX.
Fix cost shipping

Percentage Shipping

Do you want to simplify your shipping cost by charging a percentage of the total order? It is simple to set up in FLOWRiX.
Percentage shipping
Made to Measure Product Shipping

Made-to-Measure Product Shipping

It's a common challenge to lose money or customers due to inaccurate shipping costs for made-to-measure products. FLOWRiX solves this problem by calculating the precise weight, volume and packaging size for made-to-measure products. Cut the waste in shipping and say hello to a healthier bottom line.

Free Shipping Rules and Promotions

Free shipping for specific products or orders over a certain amount can be a smart business move. If you're considering this, FLOWRiX can help you implement it quickly and easily.
Free Shipping Rules and Promotions

Parcel Tracking

Offer your customers parcel tracking and updates to deliver an amazing experience. It's easy to do with FLOWRiX.
Parcel Tracking

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