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Deliver a Unified Shopping Experience for Your B2B / Wholesale Customers With FLOWRiX

Deliver a Unified Customer Experience

Multi Level Pricing

FLOWRiX makes setting up different customer types and multi-level product pricing a breeze. Experience the simplicity and intelligence in one combo.
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Multi Level Pricing

Tiered Pricing

Boost sales by using the powerful quantity-based tier pricing. Combine it with multi-level pricing and other promotions to clear more stock in less time.

Unified eCommerce Experience for Wholesale

Enable your Wholesale and B2B customers to experience a retail-like shopping experience. FLOWRiX makes it easy to set up an eCommerce platform for wholesale.
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On Account Sales

Manage credit limits, payment terms and ledger for wholesale customers. Enable credit sales online and in-store with FLOWRiX.
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Powerful Stock and Inventory Management

FLOWRiX empowers your wholesale with intelligent multi-location inventory management.
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Powerful Stock and Inventory Management

Scale Up Your Wholesale with Confidence Using FLOWRiX

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A Digital Commerce Platform for eCommerce and In-Store Sales.

We Streamline Your Retail, Wholesale, and Manufacturing Operations.
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