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Unlock an Extra 20% to 30% in Sales for Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains!

by Fahad Mahmood
October 3, 2023
Buy Now Pay Later for Blinds and Shutters

Buy Now Pay Later is the key to getting 20% to 30% sales for your blinds, curtains and shutters products. You have seen the signs everywhere for ZipPay, Afterpay, and Humm, and in this article, we will explain what they are, how they can boost your sales and how to implement them for both your In-Store and Online Sales.

It’s a Win-Win for You and Your Customers

Buy Now, Pay Later services are rapidly gaining popularity, especially due to the high cost of living. Fixing window shades is a secondary concern for many families because they can’t afford to spend a few thousand dollars in a lump-sum payment. That’s where Buy Now Pay Later helps your customers fix their windows and help you boost sales. With zero interest and a flexible instalment option, you can help your customers improve their window shades when they need it the most.

Numbers Tell the Truth

During 2021, the number of Buy Now, Pay Later loans grew from 16 million to 180 million, showcasing their rapid growth. This trend presents a perfect opportunity for businesses to increase their customer base. Any company that ignores this trend and doesn’t offer flexibility risks losing a significant market share—it’s as straightforward as that!

Share the Good Will of Big Brands

Many Buy Now Pay Later services are household names, such as ZipPay, Afterpay and Humm. Associating these reputable brands with your business gives your brand additional credibility and warmly welcomes those using these services.

Share the Good Will of Big Brands

Boost Your Upsell by Empowering Your Customers to Afford Better Products

Making it possible for those who struggle to make big purchases when they need it easier is not only considerate but also commercially a smart thing to do. But even more, you can upsell by offering Buy Now Pay Later to those customers who will buy cheaper products because they can’t afford their favourites right now.

With this strategy, you get more revenue while making your customers happier and more satisfied.

No Risk for You, Just Rewards

Unlike store credits, layby, and other offers, Buy Now Pay Later carries zero risk for your business. You still get paid when customers buy your products and have nothing to do with following up for instalments or delayed payments—that’s between the credit provider and your customer.

So, How Can You Tap into this Additional Market Share?

Well, it’s simple. Open your merchant account with the right provider or providers and start accepting credit purchases. However, there is one small caveat: technology. Your Point of Sale and Online Store need to be able to process the payment. But this doesn’t have to be hard. FLOWRiX Digital Commerce Platform is an all-one solution for In-Store and Online Sales. FLOWRiX supports all major Buy Now Pay Later merchants, including ZipPay, Afterpay, Humm, and PayPal Pay Later. You can easily enable any of these merchant facilities with just a few clicks for your In-Store and Online Sales using FLOWRiX.

Stop losing potential business. Empower your Blinds, Shutters and Curtains store with FLOWRiX today. Start your trial today!

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