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Presenting Your Fabric Collection for Blinds: The Right Approach

by Fahad Mahmood
January 1, 2024
Presenting Your Fabric Collection for Blinds The Right Approach

When you look at a Roller Blind product page, what catches your eye? Is it a single product or a bunch of products? How does your customer see your product page? Is there a right or wrong way to market blinds? Let’s review these questions and see how we can set them up properly to boost engagement and conversions.

In this post, I will use Roller Blind as an example, but the ideas we discuss can be applied to other blind products. To begin with, we have three types of Fabrics:

  1. Blockout
  2. Translucent
  3. Sunscreens

The Power of Language

Within these three fabric types, we have different fabrics from other quality groups, each available in several colours. How you present this information to your customers makes a big difference. Most blind companies make the same mistake that many tech companies do. They are too technical with their customers and assume your prospect knows about blinds. Some probably do, but most don’t. Your marketing job is to educate and build trust to harness these prospects. For example, words like “blockout blinds” may make better sense to all your prospects if you present them like “complete privacy and darkness”. So, the language matters.

Make It Easy to Find the Right Fabric and Colour

Next is your visitors’ intent. Presenting all these options on a single page may be too confusing. You can create an educational and informative landing page to display Blockout, Translucent and Sunscreen properly. This page could be great for your SEO and guide your website visitor to the right place. However, splitting the Roller Blind into too many sub-options is also inconvenient for your web visitor. While shopping and customising their order, they should be able to switch between different types, fabrics, and colours. So, effectively, you have to be able to generate a single Roller Blind product page but load it with different settings depending on where the user clicks from the main page.

Make It Easy to Find the Right Fabric and Colour

Create Engaging Landing Pages and Ads with This Magic Tool:

If you can load a page with different selections, why limit yourself to just fabric type? Loading a roller blind page differently with a unique URL is hugely powerful because you can launch multiple landing pages, click baits and social media campaigns using this approach. For example, you can create a Call to Action for your top-selling colour, luxury roller blinds, and so forth.

Next, consider your product images. They say a picture tells a thousand words, so imagine how much you can tell if you have a hundred colours. Displaying a proper overlay image for your product when a customer changes their selection on your website is very powerful. But don’t stop at just overlaying the window. If you have a designer, build tailored images by matching furniture, wall colours, flooring, and everything that compliments with the selected fabric colour.

See It in Action

Now that we have established the need to create unique URLs to land customers with certain selections of display fabric and colours with amazing interior design ideas, one question remains: How do you put all this into practice without spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands on development? The answer is FLOWRiX Blinds and Curtains’ product builder. FLOWRiX’S Digital Commerce platform is designed for the Blinds, Shutters and Curtains industry. Let’s see it in action.

See Our Ideas in Action.

Let’s Build a Fabric collection with FLOWRiX.

Book a Demo to discover how FLOWRiX can optimise your Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains Business!

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