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Making it Easier for People to Order Shutters Online

by Fahad Mahmood
October 17, 2023
Making it Easier for People to Order Shutters Online

2023 is almost over. I still can’t believe that over 95% of blinds, shutters, and curtains businesses are not selling online. If you think it’s not important to sell shutters online, read this post to see what you are missing out on. If you want to sell online but think it’s too complex or too expensive to setup, this post will show you an easier and affordable way to sell shutters online.

Shutters are not simple products; they are complex, so most people don’t sell them online or think it confuses their customers. It’s true, but our job is to take the complexity away and make it simple and easy for people to understand and order shutters online or at least generate a quote. Why?

Because the consumer landscape is changing, give another five to ten years, and most blinds and shutters businesses can only keep up if they are online. Being online means more than having a simple website with a contact form and landing page. To stay ahead of the competition, your website should allow customers to explore and build their order for shutters easily. Nowadays, everyone wants to get a quote or an idea online before leaving home. This shift has already happened to most industries, and yours is next.

Your First Challenge is UX (User Experience)

Building a product customisation page for shutters must be easy to navigate and understand. The language you use needs to be consumer focused. It would be best to have nice icons and diagrams and, ideally, a few short videos to explain some of the complex stuff.

Guide Your Customers to Choose the Right Options

Your customers should always choose the correct options for a quote or an order to be accurate. Now, they may not be shutter experts, so that’s where automation and workflow solutions come into action. Helping customers determine factors like how many panels they can have based on the width, layout options, and more.

There Are Two Ways to Build an Online Shutter Store

There Are Two Ways to Build an Online Shutter Store
  1. There is a slow, difficult, techy, and expensive way to do that, which only some online stores have done to meet their goals.
  2. And there is an easier, quicker, and more affordable method.

I will share the easiest, quickest, and best way to sell shutters online: FLOWRiX Digital Commerce Solution, designed for Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains. It is so easy to use that you can set up your shutter products in less than an hour and start generating quotes and orders the same day! You can integrate it with your website if you are happy with it. The risk-free trial reflects the confidence we have in our product. We know you will fall in love.

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