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The Secret to Selling More Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains

by Fahad Mahmood
October 13, 2023
The Secret to Selling More Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains

I want to share a secret with you- one we tested repeatedly and have proven to be the key to doubling your sales for blinds and shutters products. One afternoon a couple of years ago, my phone rang when I was enjoying a nice warm day at the beach with my family. On the line was my good friend and business owner of a well-known blinds and shutters store. He sounded stressed and frustrated, telling me about his struggle to get rid of specific stock. Then he started explaining how many people requested quotes, but his conversion rate wasn’t as good as he had hoped.

We discussed various ideas about how to boost sales. We came to realise that offering a good price was not enough. Instead, we recognised the importance of how you present your offer plays a crucial role in convincing customers to swipe their cards.

One thing was certain: that we needed to run promotions. Promotions make your prospects believe they are getting better value. It creates a sense of urgency to make a decision, and everyone loves saving money, even if it means spending more.

So, We Asked Ourselves, What Kind of Promotion Should We Run?

We tried a few things, and most of them worked, but there was one that outperformed all the others. The one that stood out and generated amazing results was Buy One Get the Second One-Half Price.

Think about it for a second: a person is buying blinds or shutters. He has eight windows. Now, he is getting two of those for free. WOW

It shifts his focus from comparing price for price and dollar for dollar to looking for competitors with similar or better offers. Who can cover two windows for free?

But How Can You Offer BOGO for Blinds Without Going Broke?

Unlike common products like clothing or electronics made-to-measure products are different and have unique challenges for BOGO. All those eight windows could be drastically different from each other with very different prices for each.

So, do you run a BOGO by discounting the lowest-priced item on the cart? (Typical for common products)

Or would you do the other way around?

If half the windows are expensive because of their size and the other half are small and very cheap:

  1. In the first scenario, the customer might not feel like they’re getting good value from your BOGO campaign.
  2. In the second scenario, you will lose money, which will not be commercially viable.

So How Do You Run a Successful BOGO Promotion for Blinds, Shutters and Curtains?

Well, we did it. We implemented it successfully by using a slightly different approach to the ‘buy one, get the second one-half price’. Here’s how? We sorted the items in the cart from the highest price to the lowest and applied the promotion to every second item in the order. This way, the customers felt like they were getting excellent value, making them more likely to consider the offer seriously. Additionally, the business charged the full price for the higher-priced item on every second purchase to keep it commercially viable.

Run a Successful BOGO Promotion for Blinds and Shutters

The results were astonishing. Every time the promotion ran, the business cleared specific stock more effectively.

Technical Challenges

We encountered technical challenges during this process. It wasn’t easy because both the point of sale and the eCommerce needed to support the BOGO offer.

This wasn’t possible using any off-the-shelf solutions except FLOWRiX.

Using FLOWRiX, running a BOGO promotion for Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains is just a matter of clicking a few buttons.

FLOWRiX gives the flexibility to tailor campaigns by individual fabrics, products, or specific selections. The BOGO we built in FLOWRiX is different from the others. It works perfectly for boosting sales of Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains. Frankly, you have to try it to see the magic it holds for your business.

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